The Smiths

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Meet the Smiths

We’re the will makers

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Willsmiths online will builder how to write a will template


Director and COO

Kevin has 15+ years experience in developing digital marketing strategies, websites and web applications for businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. He also has strong needs assessment aptitude and considerable experience in consultative intra and inter-business problem-solving within technical and strategic business contexts.



Willsmiths inline will builder how to write a will template



Adrian has worked for Microsoft, the BBC and BSkyB in the UK amassing 15+ years experience delivering high impact, complex web solutions, both in production and research environments and leading technical projects to audiences in excess of 10 million. He heads application development and ensures that our solutions employ the very best practices and represent the latest technologies.



Willsmiths online will builder how to write a will template



Cameron is at the forefront of User Interface design and User Experience design for web and mobile applications. His is a flat world designing the digital surface of our game mechanics and designing our interface so that it will shape user interactions and behaviours, increase engagement levels and facilitate knowledge growth.


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