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7 reasons you should choose Willsmiths®

1    A legal and robust Will takes just 15 minutes to make

2    It’s stored securely in the cloud and so cannot be lost, destroyed, or stolen

3    You can access it on demand and securely update it at any time

4    The process is simple and options clearly explained in non-legal language

5    Your costs are greatly reduced

6    You can share it with your lawyer who is able to review it online

7    A full audit trail of all user activity is recorded

Making a will shouldn’t be difficult

A will, power of attorney or advance care plan (medical instructions) is now something you can quickly and easily create and update yourself at a time that suits you and for a fraction of the cost of a visit to your lawyer.

Traditionally these sorts of things required appointments and potentially expensive trips to see your lawyer and the creation of documents that you can’t easily follow and that typically end up gathering dust in a draw and becoming outdated.

Willsmiths is a system that values your time, values your need to understand, appreciates that circumstances change often and works to minimise your costs.

Willsmiths is your will – your way.

Conventional ways of creating and keeping a will current are too difficult for New Zealanders

Over 50% of adults don’t have any will in place at all. 20% never plan to write one. 70% of adult New Zealanders aged between 24-44 years of age do not have a valid will.

Many wills are written and then promptly forgotten, with a third last reviewed over six years ago and 10 per cent over 20 years ago.

Well over three quarters of married people (81 per cent) did not know that their existing will was revoked when they married, leaving any prior arrangements invalid. Two thirds wrongly believed that they were automatically covered by their partner’s will, when in fact the money is split between multiple parties under the rules of the Wills Act.

Willsmiths puts the law around wills in simple terms and allows you to make one is just 15 minutes and to update it at anytime easily and securely.

Most routinely fail to update wills following major life changes

33% of  adults neglect to revise their will following major life events such as marriage and divorce.

Wills are important for all adults if they care what happens to their children, assets and their own body after death.  This is particularly true of people who have gone through major life events such as getting married, having kids, separating or divorcing. For example, if you’re separated but not yet divorced, your former spouse or civil partner will get everything if that is what your will says.